Biomina Lunch Talks

The Biomina Lunch Talks are a series of lectures organised at the University of Antwerp that focus on bioinformatics and medical informatics research, applications, use in the industry, etc. The aim of the sessions is to gather prominent and young researchers in an informal setting where they will have the opportunity to present and discuss ongoing research. As a bonus, despite the adage “There’s no such thing as free lunch.”, we do offer a free sandwich to all attendees.

On this page you will find information about upcoming talks and an overview of previous sessions (including speaker slides).

If you would like to present your own research, suggest other candidate speakers, subscribe to our mailing list or just request more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Schedule for 2018

You can register for the upcoming session here.

Friday 23rd of February 12:00-13:30 CMI G.015

  • Dries Van Rompaey - UAntwerpen: Examining the cytokine TSLP through molecular modelling (slides)
  • Dr. Youzhong Liu - UAntwerpen: Wine fluorescence data modelling: Toward a universal PARAFAC model (slides)
  • Charlie Beirnaert - UAntwerpen: Tinderesting: harvesting export knowledge in a childlike manner (slides)

Friday 30th of March 12:00-13:30 CMI G.015

  • Prof. Willem Talloen - JnJ: Reality checks can help against drowning in data and algorithms (slides)
  • Wouter De Coster - VIB: Human whole genome sequencing on PromethION: an unprecedented resolution of structural variants (slides)

Friday 27th of April 12:00-13:30 CMI G.015

  • Dr. Conor Meehan - ITG: Phylodynamics of pathogenic mycobacteria (slides)
  • Stijn Wittouck - UAntwerpen: Comparative pangenomics of Lactobacillus species (slides)

Friday 25th of May 12:00-13:30 CMI G.006

  • Prof. Niel Hens - UAntwerpen & UHasselt: Evidence-based vaccinology: on how mathematics and statistics can be used to better understand the spread and inform the control of infectious diseases
  • Joe Ibrahim - CMG: Identification of methylation biomarkers in cancer using 450K array methylation data

Friday 29th of June 12:00-13:30 CMI G.006

  • Dr. Pieter Meysman - UA: T-cell receptor sequence mining and you!
  • Pauline Lempens - ITG: Searching the Mycobacterium tuberculosis genome for unknown drug resistance-conferring mutations

A flyer for this schedule can be found here.


The Biomina Lunch Talks are an initiative of a number of young researchers in the biomina network and is sponsored by the Flemish Government. We aim to stimulate the interaction between researchers from different disciplines who encounter bioinformatics and computational biology, and consequently we focus on a broad and multidisciplinary public. With this informal medium we would like to provide a platform where knowledge and experience can be presented and exchanged, across partners from both academia and industry. In this manner we have had the pleasure to welcome speakers from various institutes such as the University of Antwerp, the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Janssen Pharmaceutica, the Antwerp University Hospital and Open Analytics. Last, but not least, these sessions can provide a great opportunity for young researchers to acquaint themselves with new ideas and methods in the field of bioinformatics and medical informatics.


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